Kulturmix i Ålesund Juni 2013 med sangere frå Norge, Afrika, Iran, Palestina,

Nepal og Nagaland - Happening under pausen i seminaret.

Bildebrev frå Kulturmix i New Orleans Oktober 2013

Frå Kulturmix Ecuador 2011. Frå avslutningskonserten i Teatro Sucre Quito

  • Research in recent years has shown that when people are singing together, it creates a very special openness, and a completely special solidarity. We have observed this on our trips as well.
  • Our setting is not competition like. Anyone can sing with their own voice, just as the voice is.
  • It is the process and not performance that is the most important. This means that you never know what kind of a choir you get, until the group comes together and the trip is going. And that is exciting!

Møte med Lata Lata på Nord Sulawesi

From the final concert at Kulturmix 2003 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Altiplano is a trad band from South America. Ecuador, Chile, Peru and Colombia; here in mix with great artists from Azerbaijan

FrIt has no religious or political agenda. Kulturmix is a tour concept for for tourists who wish to broaden their traveling experiences, who like to be active participants in meeting with other people who have different cultural references than one's own.

Pr today, more than 3000 individuals from the Nordic countries are part of the "Kulturmix club". Kulturmix offers from 1 to 4 tours per year. Several choose Kulturmix tours as an alternative to more traditional tourist travels.

Every journey has its own character and many have participated in several of the tours.

The first "Kulturmix expedition" was going to New Orleans in 1992.

After this first Kulturmix tour, the network has been extended to other countries.The top left corner of this page, shows a list of the countries where Kulturmix today has cooperative networks.

One aim of this concept apart from tourism, is to "weld together" a group of people who are interested in entering into new relationships and lively meeting with people from other cultural, political and religious set than our own.

The main aim is to form a choir to be working together and then together with local singers and conductors learn from each other and then execute the result for a local audience.This challenges prejudices and attitudes among ourselves and those we meet.

Kulturmix is combining tourism with building a choir of the travelersThey will be practicing a couple of hours every day through the tour. Towards the middle of the tour we will have a "Kulturmix choir" up and running, and we are ready for the meeting with local singers and musicians, who are waiting for us. Together with these, we will now have a more intensive three day seminar, where local singers teach us some of their songs, and we are teaching them some songs from ours repertoire. Our meeting and workshop will be summarized in a concert. Then the Kulturmix will be over for this tour, and so will the choir we created be, as well. However, the great memories from this experience continues to live inside our mind.